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Two Friends Celebrate With Their Homies, Talk Latest Single

Two Friends Celebrate With Their Homies, Talk Latest Single

Friendship reigned supreme at Irving Plaza last weekend. Eli Sones and Matt Halper, better known as electronic dance music sensation Two Friends, sold out the iconic New York City music venue on Saturday Jan. 19 and Sunday Jan. 20. Originally scheduled for just one night, the concert turned into a two-day affair after their fans demanded it—not bad for a pair that started off as bedroom producers with nothing but a dream and a whole lot of grit.

Two Friends took all of December off to catch up with family. With the holidays completely out of their system, they are focused on hitting the road hard in January with a couple of heavy-hitting bops to promote. “With My Homies” features Juscova and James Delaney on the track. For fans of the dance-pop genre, “With My Homies” will make you want to grab your phone and dial up your bestie for a legendary night indoors. Yeah, you read that correctly.

Feeling fed up with the stuffy and dated rules of New York City nightlife, “With My Homies” celebrates everything you ever wanted to know about a very real bromance. The song is the sizzling heatwave music fans are desperately asking for during this frigid winter season.

If that wasn’t enough, the guys have another single called “Take It Off,” which officially drops on Friday, Jan. 25. If you’ve ever been in a relationship with someone who isn’t emotionally available, raise your handy-dandy drink and let out a big sigh of relief. You aren’t alone, and the song captures the spirit of a struggle that is all too real for too many people.

Before making stops in Chicago’s Concord and LA’s The Fonda, Music & Mojitos was able to score an exclusive interview with Halper and Sones before they graced the plaza stage, playing their biggest hits before a youthful—and rabid—crowd that moshed like they were at a New Found Glory concert in 2005.

“We wrote [‘Take It Off’] about a year ago,” Halper reveals to Music & Mojitos. “It took a long time to finish up everything. We were always super excited about the song.”

The song begs for the trust of a wounded companion. The process isn’t simple.

“It’s easier said than done,” Halper grins.

Photo Credit:  Lolo’s Photos

Photo Credit: Lolo’s Photos

Since figuring out the tricky algorithm for a successful relationship, the guys moved on to the next equation in their budding careers. It’s rare that Two Friends have a clear roadmap planned out so far in advance, but somehow, they were able to draw the lines and fill in the blanks to make themselves incredibly busy going forward.

“We have our next single slated. It’s nice to focus on some other stuff. We have a cool Panic At The Disco remix which we are wrapping up. We have the Big Bootie mixes. A couple of other remixes, too. There’s a lot. It’s exciting,” Sones says.

“On the grind. We try to use the time when we are not touring to get prepped,“ adds Halper.

The excitement that Two Friends have for their work trickles down to the people they surround themselves with. The hustle that they have been putting in for the past year shows when kids rush to the front of the stage to capture their set for their Instagram stories. Cellphones glow whenever “Emily” dominates the speakers.

Two Friends might be masters of the music domain, but when it comes to extermination…that’s a different story. Whatever you do, don’t ask Halper to get rid of bugs if your kitchen has an infestation. He’s not about that life. Lucky enough for him, his best friend is a knight in shining armor when it comes to keeping a tidy production studio that’s located in a basement without windows.

“I was the hero in that situation,” laughs Sones. “He’s so scared of them, but he wouldn’t let me kill it.”

After all, isn’t that what friends are for?

You can see when Two Friends are hitting up your city by visiting their website.

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