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5 Delicious Recipes to Make as Autumn Approaches

5 Delicious Recipes to Make as Autumn Approaches

On this day in New York, there’s a crisp chill in the air. The thermometer is topping out at 70 degrees, and many a New Yorker are seeing sporting layers and long sleeves as they shuffle from subway to office to back home again.

It’s not the first in a series of autumn teasers, but it is certainly the chilliest. And while the temperature is expected to blast back up to the the mid-80s over the weekend, true New Yorkers know that the sun has almost set on outdoor music festivals and sidewalk dining. Summer is packing for her own vacation for the next 9 months, leaving only an expectant Fall to knock on our doors.

While our list of the best bars to transition from spring to summer could certainly serve you as we transition from summer to fall, Music & Mojitos knows that sometimes there is nothing to rival a perfect night in on a chilly fall day.

Here are five recipes that we can’t wait to make as we settle into our sweaters and spiced ciders over the next few months.

Shakshuka with Feta + Homemade Pita Bread

Photo Credit:  Sara Dubler

Photo Credit: Sara Dubler

Can you think of anything more delicious than peppers, onions, tomato, and paprika simmering into a silky stew, then topped with cracked eggs and feta cheese and popped into the oven to bake? We think this New York Time’s recipe for Shakshuka with Feta is just begging to be served at your next dinner party.

While that deliciously hearty comfort food is baking, you can pan-cook your pita bread using the four-ingredient pita dough you made the night before, to be eaten with a side of hummus or used to mop up the tomato sauce and egg yolk. It’s absolute perfection.

Pasta alla Norcina

Photo Credit:  Valeria Necchio

Photo Credit: Valeria Necchio

If you don’t feel like turning on the oven just yet, we highly recommend this recipe for Pasta alla Norcina. Pasta alla Norcina is a traditional recipe from the central-most region of Italy, Umbria, known for its abundance (relatively speaking) of black truffles. Black truffles may feature in this recipe, but don’t fear—even Italian chefs leave truffles out of this recipe if they aren’t available (do NOT sub with truffle oil). The mixture of sausage, onion, cram, and pecorino cheese (really—that’s it!) will Instantly transport you to the motherland. Serve steaming and topped with extra pecornio cheese in your favorite pasta bowl. Bonus points because this recipe literally takes 30 minutes or less to put together.

Pizza Chicken

Photo Credit: Posie Brien of  600 Acres

Photo Credit: Posie Brien of 600 Acres

Sometimes I’m in the mood for Italian food of the red sauce variety—even better if it includes cheese and bacon. While I have yet to make Pizza Chicken myself, I’ve been eyeing it for some time, waiting for my young basil plant to live up to its potential. With tender, juicy chicken thighs skillet fried with bacon before being transferred to the oven (and eventually, broiler) with tomatoes and globs of fresh mozzarella and basil…okay, hang on, running to the grocery store BRB…

Farro with Leeks and Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Photo Credit: Gena Hamshaw on  Food52

Photo Credit: Gena Hamshaw on Food52

Farro with Leeks and Balsmic Roasted Brussels Sprouts been one of my favorite recipes for years. I first discovered it while living abroad in Italy, where farro is a cheap and abundant staple grain. It’s al dente but not chewy, slightly nutty but not overpowering. In short, it’s the perfect sort of grain to absorb other flavors, and create a nice balance in texture. As on person says in the comments of this recipe, the Dijon mustard is everything. Add it at the very end to bring the entire dish together with deliciously contrasting flavors (and don’t forget the rosemary, either!). It’s also super easy to double (or even triple) this recipe for ample weekday leftovers, which always earns brownie points in my book.

Tinga de Pollo

Photo Credit: Ty Mecham for  Food52

Photo Credit: Ty Mecham for Food52

Tinga de Pollo is one of those recipes that is so, so good for a variety of reasons! First off, you begin by poaching the chicken with garlic, onion, and salt to make a delicious broth, some of which goes into the recipe (and some of which was used to make a minestrone soup by yours truly a week later). Once the chicken is cooked and shredded, you add it to a large skillet with sliced onions, freshly-diced tomatoes, and chipotle peppers. Let it simmer until the tomatoes break down and it reaches a thick, stew-like (or stoup-like) consistency. Then serve over white rice and top with sour cream and sliced radishes.

This recipe makes a lot so it’s great for leftovers, and the chipotle peppers lingered cozily around the house into the late hours of the night.

What recipes do you start craving as the seasons begin to turn? We’d love for you to share them in the comments!

If you’re still trying to eke out the last few drops of summer, check out our recipe for watermelon mojitos!

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