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Amy Sheppard Shares the Message of Body Positivity in New Music Video, "Kiss My Fat A**"

Amy Sheppard Shares the Message of Body Positivity in New Music Video, "Kiss My Fat A**"

Amy Sheppard isn’t going to hide her imperfections anymore.

The 28-year-old lead singer of Australian indie pop band Sheppard is taking a defiant stand against body-shamers in the group’s latest music video, “Kiss My Fat A**.” With empowering lyrics that celebrate curves and cellulite, Amy is lending her voice to the body positivity community. In the eye-opening video, Amy proudly puts herself on display and dances with her sister Emma, Biggest Loser trainer Tiffany Hall, cross-fit expert Kara Saunders, body image activist Taryn Brumfitt, and many others.

This isn’t the first time Sheppard caught the attention of global audiences. The song “Geronimo” solidified the group in 2014 and saw them conquer music festivals far and wide. “Kiss My Fat A**” is yet another track from Sheppard that is generating buzz and thoughtful discussions.

In an exclusive interview with Music & Mojitos, Amy shares why it’s important for her to show the world exactly who she is—even if it means not editing her selfies on Instagram. No longer afraid of nasty comments from body-shamers, Amy’s got something to say.

Q: What was the specific turning point in January when you decided to post an unedited picture on Instagram?

It all started with a picture of me beside the pool. I had found a photo of me in a bikini from behind with my cellulite on full display. I loved the photo but HATED my cellulite. I spent 10 minutes trying to ‘Facetune’ out the dimples when I thought, ”What the HELL am I doing? Who do I think I am that I can’t have cellulite? What’s so bad about having cellulite anyway?” I posted the unedited photo and I was shocked at the reaction it had. Although it was all positive, it made me understand how much people are craving content which is more relatable. We all have perceived imperfections, and I’m not sure who set the beauty standard bar but it’s unachievable, and very unrealistic.  

Q: Why do you think body-shaming still exists in 2019?

A: Body-shaming still exists in 2019 because we are all fed the message that we are not good enough. We aren’t thin enough, our skin isn’t ever smooth enough, or our boobs aren’t perky enough. This is a message that’s strategically served up to us 24/7 so that we keep buying those so called “remedies” to fix our perceived flaws. Rather than change our “flaws,” why not change our perspective?  

Q: The song “Kiss My Fat A**” is a legit bop, yet it sounds different from previous Sheppard singles. What were some difficulties that you juggled to create a memorable song that involves a topical issue?

A: When writing the song, we knew that it needed to sound strong and confident. I think this is first presented by the opening guitar riff you hear. Once we had an epic melody, the lyrics fell into place. It was actually a really easy song to write—I hear the best ones always are. 

Q: Music & Mojitos agrees with you. What are your thoughts on Australian vs. American culture when it comes to celebrating aesthetics over what’s on the inside?

A: I think America is most definitely the pioneers on this front. You have some amazing self-love representatives. It has been nice seeing more and more Australians stepping up, too. I think both countries still have a long way to go. 

Q: One day at a time. How did you link up with the women in your music video? There’s an impressive roster of names going on there.

A: The women were chosen for their abilities, and not for the way they look. I connected with most of the ladies via Instagram. Some of them are my friends and others I reached out due to their “epicness.”

Photo: Caitlin Boland

Photo: Caitlin Boland

Q: What was Emma's involvement in the creative process of the song and video? What were her initial thoughts?

A: Emma was thrilled to jump on board with the whole project. She has a very good eye for detail and helped me with some of the ideas for the shots that were used. She also made these very cute portraits of each of the women involved on the day. You can check them out at @justsomescribbles_

Q: How do you see yourself using your Instagram account in the future? It's no secret that the platform is a powerful tool that young people turn to.

A: There’s no turning back from here, haha. Of course, I am first and foremost a musician so as other projects and tours pop up, I’ll be posting a lot about that. I think I will always intertwine pictures with a message of self-love and confidence. 

Q: Speaking of self-love, what is your advice for your fans who are going through a hard time when it comes to developing a sense of confidence?

A: My strongest suggestion to those struggling with body image is to clean up your news feed. You can’t always control what you see in the media but your own social news feed is something you can have a lot of control over. Be careful of who you follow. Follow only those who inspire you and make you feel better about yourself. You can learn a lot from social media when used correctly. Also, be kind to yourself. Reject the notion that you are not worthy and take time to accept your body as is. Love will follow.

Q: Those are beautiful words. Now that you've taken on body-shamers, what else do you plan on singing about? Politics are getting hot and heavy in America at the moment.

A: Haha, songwriting is one of the best ways I know how to process my emotions. I can’t always help what comes out! We will have to wait and see what is next but a word of advice: Don’t mess with me, haha! 

Q: Finally, when can we expect Sheppard to return to New York City? We miss you guys!

A: It has been a minute! We hope it’s soon because we miss you too!

You can join the body positivity movement by keeping up with Amy's Instagram here.

The banner photo is provided by Caitlin Boland.

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