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"Dame Tu Amor" Marks A Sultry New Era for Singa

"Dame Tu Amor" Marks A Sultry New Era for Singa

A refreshing change of scenery is responsible for brand new music from an artist who is piercingly eyeing an untapped and unique space in the marketplace as far as she is concerned.

Get ready to review your English-Spanish dictionary and shout “ay, papi” on the top of your lungs because this song is a hot one. Seriously.

Singa is turning a new leaf with her latest track, “Dame Tu Amor.” The sultry and upbeat Latin record opened up a whole new world for the singer, who previously was known on the competitive EDM circuit as Brooke Forman. Music & Mojitos sat down with Singa in an exclusive interview to discuss her newest song, and why she decided to take a daring chance to experiment with a sound that’s vastly different from what she released in the not-so-distant past.

Since moving to Bali, the former Forman decided it was time to take a more serious approach in terms of her career—and stage name. Singa is the Indonesian word for lion, and it matches the “Dame To Amor” singer’s demeanor in a nutshell. Singa’s brave move was more meaningful than simply enjoying the beautiful beaches and exploring coral reefs. Her ferocious tenacity to climb the ladder of success was her main goal, and Singa doesn’t plan on stopping until she fulfills her destiny as one of the industry’s top acts.

Hustling, and traveling, are the “Dame Tu Amor” vocalist’s favorite pastimes. She can’t help herself, and hey, she manages to pull it off without breaking a sweat. The singer’s globetrotting extended beyond Bali. When she was on tour in Medellin, Colombia, she made quick acquaintances with three talented artists who form La Compañía. They hit it off, became friends, and the rest was history.


“I knew their name after they previously worked and produced for J Balvin and Kevin Roldan,” Singa tells Music & Mojitos.

Never making a Latin record before, Singa was about to embark on venture that was uncharted territory for her. On the dance scene, she was known for memorable bops like "Mad Rollercoaster." She hoped to ease into her latest transition, as she had a love and appreciation for the the Latin genre since she was a child.

“When I walked into the studio I was worried that being in a foreign country, while writing in a language I did not know how to speak, was going to affect the session,” she reveals. “However, I knew exactly what I wanted the song to be about after still having a heavy heart. I needed to get it off my chest.”

The singer proceeded to wear her emotions on her sleeve, and opened up on the song’s heartbreaking background. After spending time in Paris last summer with a man she deeply cared about, she returned to the United States, only to never hear from him again. Her calls and text messages went unanswered.


“Once the distance set in between us, it was like [our love] never happened and I never existed,” states Singa. 

Singa explained the story to the La Compañía guys in the room. Their first language wasn’t English. Singa crossed her fingers and hoped that in two different languages the story would translate to a universal audience.

Her prayers were answered, as there was an energetic shift in the room. Within an hour, the Spanglish pop record known as “Dame Tu Amor” was born. It was as if there was no language barrier between the artists, and it resulted in a track that is Singa’s best one yet. The tropical essence of the song captures an ideal summer that listeners secretly long for, and Singa’s vocals shine in all of their silky glory.

“To have everything make sense and let out my story cohesively was a magical feeling that showed me that music truly is the universal language,” Singa concludes.

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