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It's a Great Good Fine Ok Day to Chat with Brooklyn's Favorite Electro-Pop Duo

It's a Great Good Fine Ok Day to Chat with Brooklyn's Favorite Electro-Pop Duo

You know it’s a Great Good Fine Ok day when you get to chat with the two friends who have blown up Spotify, remixed songs by The Chainsmokers and Twenty One Pilots, and performed on stage with the likes of Tove Lo and Betty Who.

Just coming off of a month-long North American tour, Brooklyn-based electro-pop duo Great Good Fine Ok recently sat down with Music & Mojitos to discuss everything from their latest single, “Terrified,” to how they came up with their memorable name and some of their favorite memories while on tour.

Q: You recently released “Terrified” from your latest EP, GGFOUR. Can you tell me a little bit about the song and how it came together? What was the inspiration for it?

A: People make decisions based on either love or fear.  “Terrified” is about acknowledging and overcoming that fear. I think everyone can relate to being in a relationship that freaks them out in some way, and this is a tribute to that commonality.  

Some of our songs come together quickly, and others take a while to reach their full potential. “Terrified” falls under the latter.  We started it in 2017 on a writing trip in the Catskills Mountains (where we also wrote “Change”).  Over the course of the next two years we slowly refined the writing and production. We recorded a full horn section in LA, wrote a new chorus with Bryce Vine in NYC, and added Pell, who wrote an amazing rap and whose voice set the perfect tone.  Stylistically it turned into something very different for Great Good Fine Ok.

Q: Speaking of style, Great Good Fine Ok is pretty cross-genre. How would you describe your sound to a first-time listener?

A: Indie pop with a dash of synthy R&B!

Q: What is something that you want your fans (or new listeners) to know about Great Good Fine Ok?

A: We are lucky enough to have many fans who have been with us for five years, so they know almost everything about us, but for new fans I would just say that we are constantly striving to write the best songs we can, and think of new and exciting other things to do to show our fans the same level of love that they show us! And you’ve got to see us live. 

Q: How did you guys come up with the name “Great Good Fine Ok”?

A: The name was something we came up with years ago and were saving for the right project. We think it perfectly represents the feeling of this music. 

Q: You’ve shared the stage with some pretty amazing artists like Betty Who, Joywave, Tove Lo, St Lucia, and X Ambassadors…what are some of your favorite moments from those shows?

A: Honestly, getting to play shows with people who are such big fans of is always special. We recently played a show in LA where Pell, Transviolet and Before You Exit all come and sang on their respective GGFO songs, and it was like heaven.  We love collaborating and mixing energy. 

Q: Speaking of shows, you guys were on the road the entire month of June for your North American tour. How did the tour go? What were some of your favorite shows? Any good stories from the tour (either on or off stage) that you can share with us?

A; This tour was fantastic! The thing that stood out most is how amazingly enthusiastic our fans were! More than ever it felt like family. So many people have been to several shows —such a great vibe.

[One things that stood out was] this LED light up jacket that we bought that kind of worked for our first show in Chicago, and then worked less and less as the tour went on. Our sound guy Jon spent time before almost every show soldering wires trying to get it working well, but it was a lost cause.  Such a cool thing though…definitely something we’ll continue to try and perfect. 

Q: What do you have next in the pipeline? Any projects or shows we should keep an eye out for?

A: We are playing six shows in China in August, a festival in Indonesia in November, and starting to plan more tours in the USA around our new EP GGFOUR! Other than that, working on new music! 

To keep up wth Great Good Fine Ok, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Banner photo by Shervin Lainez.

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