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Molly Thomas & The Rare Birds Fly High With Debut Album 'Honey’s Fury'

Molly Thomas & The Rare Birds Fly High With Debut Album 'Honey’s Fury'

Molly Thomas & The Rare Birds released their debut album Honey’s Fury last month, and it is not to be missed. Touching on the universal elements of love, betrayal, destruction, forgiveness, and ultimately reflection, Honey’s Fury packs a southern, Americana punch to the gut that will leave listeners wanting to come back for more.

Who knew that taking numerous shots to the breadbasket would be that enjoyable? The Alabama foursome hits hard, too. Backed by Rick Hirsch (guitar), John Milham (drums), and John Keuler (bass), Thomas shines throughout the twelve tracks that appear on Honey’s Fury. The Rare Birds showcase their gritty chemistry, and Thomas effortlessly welcomes you into her turbulent yet gleefully inspiring world. The band truly is a rare combination of talent that works like a steady, well-oiled machine that won’t take no for an answer. Talk about soaring to new heights.

Thomas recently spoke to Music & Mojitos in an exclusive interview. The singer-songwriter painted an intimate portrait of her personal life. She discussed how Honey’s Fury helped heal her from the cutting wounds of a failed marriage. Seeking a creative outlet to cope, Thomas discovered that music was the best (and only) way to work out a wide range of emotions during an incredibly difficult and dark chapter in her journey.

“The emergence and conception of Honey’s Fury came about as I was getting divorced, and it was put into action one year after the papers were signed,” Thomas tells Music & Mojitos. “It was important to me to share my story and the story of others for healing purposes, or for anyone going through loss or pain. Once you get to the other side, there is a lot to celebrate. I feel like both sides of the coin are represented on this record.”


The song “Laura” captures just a small snapshot of the hardship and struggles Thomas went through. Inspired by someone who wasn’t fulfilling her duty as a mother, the singer stepped up to the plate to help raise children that needed an inspirational figure in their lives. Thomas doesn’t want to be looked at as a heroine, though. She realizes that everyone is on their own unique path, and makes mistakes along the way. Turning the beat around, Thomas had the foresight to not leave the listener in a sorrowful place. “Laura” had enough hurt in it already.

“It was effecting me personally. I was married at the time, and taking care of my husband’s children—who I adored. It was a challenge because my husband was gone all the time and their mom lived 3 states away,” reveals to Music & Mojitos. “I think we all know someone who chooses their boyfriends or work over their kids, mostly out of fear. Instead of turning this song into spite or vengeance, it was important to offer hope. identifying a sore spot, and then handling it with care is important.”

Honey’s Fury wasn’t created overnight. With some sweet, tender loving care from the Rare Birds, the album’s story started to develop in 2014. John Millham, who was Thomas’ brother-in-law at the time, helped get the ball rolling in the right direction. He knew a bass player, John Keuler. Gaining momentum, the band was missing a key element: a guitar player. The missing piece to the puzzle was Rick Hirsch. Thomas thought Hirsch was a long shot because of his previous fame and track record. As a founding member of the 70s band Wet Willie, Hirsch worked with legends like Greg Allman and Cher. To Thomas’ complete disbelief, Hirsch was drawn to the project and the stories she wanted to tell, and decided to come on board for the ride.

“Everyone has a very patient and kind way of expressing ideas and communicating. I’ll have to say our name fits us well,” Thomas says of The Rare Birds. “I’ve never experienced this type of group. It’s a nice place to land as a musician.”

Listen to Molly Thomas & The Rare Birds and see how awesome they are for yourself! You can purchase Honey's Fury here.

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