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What Has Sibling Trio We Three Been Up To Since America's Got Talent?

What Has Sibling Trio We Three Been Up To Since America's Got Talent?

You may remember the sibling band We Three from Season 13 of America’s Got Talent. They stole the hearts of the judges and fans around the nation with their original music performances and upbeat, fun sound. We Three’s successful time on America’s Got Talent launched the band—which was already producing music before the show—even further into the spotlight. The We Three siblings just wrapped up a 33 city tour across the United States, and earlier this month, released a remix of their popular song, “Lifeline.” Recently, the trio sat down with Music & Mojitos for a Q&A - keep reading to see what We Three has been up to since AGT!

Q: Hey Guys! Thanks for taking the time to chat with Music & Mojitos. You just finished your successful debut national tour—what was that like?  Any great stories from being out on the road?

A: We like to say that it was ‘more in every way’. It was way harder than we thought and at the same time, way more amazing than we thought. We loved getting to share this music with everybody and meet so many amazing people. Since the music was released, we’ve been receiving so many messages where people would share their stories and tell us about how much the music has impacted them. Getting to hear some of these stories in person during the meet and greets was very moving.

During a meet and greet after our show in Dallas, a young man came up and told us how much our song “Lifeline” meant to him. He struggled with mental health and actually attempted suicide. He said that “Lifeline” helped him through this time. He also told us that he writes poetry and recently finished a poem that was inspired by “Lifeline”. We asked him to share it with us, so right there in front of all the meet and greet guests, he did and he blew us away! It was so personal and so deep, depicting the struggles of someone going through serious mental health battles and at the same time with the hope of overcoming.

Q: That’s amazing! Your music is truly changing lives. Speaking of which, you just finished playing the Special Olympics Oregon Event. What a great event for an awesome cause! What drew you to the event, and how and why did you get involved with the Special Olympics?

A: It’s such a great group of people putting this event together and the athletes are absolutely inspiring! Two years ago we got to meet some of the team members and put on a show. We were so glad it worked out for us to come back this year and support such an amazing event.

Q: You guys completely blew up on America’s Got Talent. Can you tell me about the moment leading up to your decision to try out for the show? How did that go from an idea to reality?

A: We were never interested in performing on a reality TV reason is that most aren’t conducive for bands. We were in the middle of our album when an AGT scout contacted us and asked us to send in an audition tape. We thought it was a joke at first! When they contacted us a second time, we realized it was serious and they were interested in having us on the show. So we talked about and decided to share “Heaven’s Not Too Far”. They loved it and asked us to fly down and be on the show. It all happened so fast.

Q: I would love it if you could explain a little bit about your songwriting process. As three siblings, you have both the blessing and the curse of being free to be completely honest with one another. How do you work together to produce music?

A: It’s evolved quite a bit over the years. Right now we typically write separately—full song, melody, and chords—then we come together for production. Being siblings definitely has its pro and cons, as you mentioned. One of the pros is that whenever a song is written, it tends to be especially relatable to the others because, as siblings, we experience many of the same things— “Heaven’s Not Too Far” is a great example.

Q: Speaking of your relationship as siblings…Bethany – as the only girl in this trio, how do you keep the guys in line?!

A: Actually, I’ve really loved being the only girl with two’s more fun that way!

Q: What are some goals you hope to achieve for We Three in the future?

We certainly have many goals, from playing at Red Rocks to opening for artists who inspire us but honestly, the main goals are to keep performing and to keep making music that’s honest. We want to speak to people where they’re at for as long as we can.

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