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Music You Have to Listen to This Weekend From Elderbrook, ilo ilo, ROZES, and More

Music You Have to Listen to This Weekend From Elderbrook, ilo ilo, ROZES, and More

The summer season and brand spankin’ new tunes go together like the beloved classic combo of peanut butter and jelly. New Music Friday will always be one of our favorite days of the week at Music & Mojitos. Not only does it prepare you for your adventurous weekend ahead, it gets you familiar with artists who should be on your radar ASAP.

Make sure you grab a delicious mojito, and kick back to music you have to listen to this weekend. You won’t regret it.

Elderbrook - “How Do You”

This new single by Elderbrook is co-produced by Diplo, and is guaranteed to play at every major pool party out in Las Vegas for the upcoming months ahead. The catchy track will make you put down your summer reading material, and daydream about your favorite mistakes that you desperately wish you could repeat.

Hey, it’s okay to be nostalgic about being able to get away with it all—we’ve all been there at one point or another. Don’t even try to front.

“How Do You” is a new road for Elderbrook, who has become a prominent name on the dance scene. His legend continued to grow after his hit “Cola” became a summer staple in nightclubs worldwide. Combining elements of groundbreaking dance music with an unexpected pop twist, Elderbrook is ready to take his new single on tour with him starting in October. Before London calls your name to catch Elderbrook play in the fall, you can check out his four-track EP, Old Friend.

ilo ilo - “what u need”

We all need a little somethin’ somethin’, and Music & Mojitos thinks that ilo ilo’s “what u need” is exactly what we need right now. We can debate what makes a perfect partner all day long, but there is absolutely no argument that this breezy track from ilo ilo will get you swaying from your left to your right. That’s just a stone cold fact on a hot summer day in New York City.

ilo ilo is an L.A.-based electronic indie-pop project who just dropped their debut EP, wish i said this to u sooner today. Fans of ilo ilo can catch them at Electric Forrest at the end of the month, before they open for mega act Big Gigantic at their sold-out Red Rocks show.

They might be the new kids on the block, but ilo ilo’s traction to electronic superstardom is happening at lightning speed. Get in on this party before it’s too late.

ALIGN - Intertwine

ALIGN is no stranger to Music & Mojitos.

We gave Chicago’s favorite son major props for “Play It Cool” at the beginning of the year. ALIGN knows how to create a sexy energy in his music, and the feel to his debut EP Intertwine is no different.

You’d be a fool to not join the #Alignment. Intertwine offers an exciting look into our deepest and most fundamental desires: love, lust, and a ton of self-acceptance. Sure, it’s a lot to shake a stick at, but the EP makes the process of understanding the human psyche as painless as is possibly can be. You don’t need a psychology textbook for this one—just grab your best pair of earbuds and enjoy what ALIGN is currently dishing out.

Pat Lok - Corazón

Everyone has a story to tell. Some tales are sightly more elaborate than others. Pat Lok’s latest takes you on a wild and epic journey that takes place within the span of 36 hours.

This isn’t a Hollywood blockbuster—it’s Pat Lok’s new EP, Corazon. The seven-track EP gives a fair warning to those who get caught up in the ideals of a rapid romance. Pat Lok doesn’t shy away from what happens when we fully buy into a situation that seems too good to be true.

What comes up, must come down. If love has to burn to the ground, Pat Lok provides the soundtrack to a pill that’s hard to swallow.

JHart - “Temporary”

Following the lead from Pat Lok, JHart’s “Temporary” is a reminder that while heartbreak is never fun, tomorrow is a new day filled with bigger and better opportunities around the corner.

The pop-soul balled from the Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer will put your pain at ease and make you feel good about seriously jamming out. JHart’s vocals shine on “Temporary,” as listeners eagerly await his EP, Vol 1 – Songs From Therapy.

JHart has previously written for names like Justin Bieber, Keith Urban, Usher, Kygo, Rita Ora, Kevin Gates, and Camila Cabello. Now, it’s his time to shine on his own. If he keeps putting out catchy tracks like “Temporary,” JHart will be on top of the charts permanently.

If you’re in the New York City area, you can catch JHart celebrating World Pride on June 30. Tickets are available for purchase here.

Gia Woods - “Feel It”

Our girl Gia Woods is back at it with her latest steamy single, “Sensual.”

The track from the upcoming pop princess is just another reason in a long list of why Music & Mojitos supports her. She creates music that transcends petty ideas like labels and titles.

Woods jumped the fence to envision “Sensual.” Her breathy and memorable vocals are paired with a serious case of catchy production. You will absolutely feel all the tingly feels for this song—there’s no doubt about it.

ROZES - “Call Me”

Speaking of doing things her own way, ROZES closes out our list with her sentimental and touching “Call Me.”

Despite it being 2019, mental health is a topic that’s still taboo in today’s society. People of all backgrounds are often afraid to express the struggles that they are suffering from. It’s not right, but ROZES is doing her best to end the unnecessary and outdated stigma.

The always thoughtful singer-songwriter lets it be known to listeners that they don’t have to go through their internal pain all alone. Being the forward-thinking friend that we can always depend on, ROZES comes through as a real-life superhero armed with heartfelt vocals and piano playing that will bring tears to your eyes. Composed at the all-female writing camp She Is The Music, ROZES isn’t just talking about girl power—she’s actively taking part in a revolution that is waking up an industry that desperately needs it.

If you’re looking to learn more about She Is The Music, Music & Mojitos thinks you should make your way to Washington D.C. to attend the All Things Go Fall Classic this October!

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