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Skating Polly Brings the Noise on Their Latest Track "Play House"

Skating Polly Brings the Noise on Their Latest Track "Play House"

Turn up the volume to the max, because Skating Polly is laying it all out there with their latest single, “Play House.”

Before Kelli Mayo, Peyton Bighorse, and Kurtis Mayo get ready for their headlining show at New York City’s Mercury Lounge on May 31, the versatile trio just dropped their latest song that is getting Music & Mojitos seriously pumped up. Skating Polly is still riding the momentum from the 2018 release of their 5th studio album, The Make It All Show, according to Broadway World.

Check out “Play House” for yourselves, and make sure your head is ready is ready to bounce to Skating Polly’s rad beat. Don’t say we didn’t warn you in advance. This really is the lighthearted rager we needed to get us to the end of the week. Who else is ready for a round of delicious drinks come Friday? We won’t hold it against you if you want to get an early start, either.

Right out of the gate on “Play House,” listeners are asked the mother of all questions by Skating Polly—are you a real lady?

I personally don’t have a checklist as to what makes a woman a “real lady,” but it is a question that makes you wonder, even if just for a second. (If you’re looking for a real answer, Skating Polly says you might have to be Patrick Swayze’s baby. Whatever you do, please…for the love of all things holy, just don’t put Jennifer Grey in the corner. I’m not sure we can handle having "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" stuck in our heads in a never-ending loop after listening to “Play House.”)

Photo Credit:  M.Haight

Photo Credit: M.Haight

On a serious note, the playful vibe that Skating Polly created on the track was a necessary decision for the band. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with channeling your inner child. Lord knows New Yorkers need a whole lot more of Skating Polly’s free spirited inclusive nature. Eat your heart out Curious George because you have some big time competition.

“‘Play House’ is about a very wild night I had with some of my closest friends and how fun it is to act like a child,” Kelli Mayo says in a press release. “I needed to write something that wasn’t so heavy because every track on our last album was pretty vulnerable. At the very least just to prove to myself I could.”

Mayo proves that she can, and it’s more than welcome.

Fans who are interested in seeing Skating Polly bring their hard hitting riot grrrl energy to the Mercury Lounge at the end of the month can purchase tickets here.

Music & Mojitos believes in girl power. While you’re here, check out Maddie Ross and her new music video, “Liv Tyler.”

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