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Lindsey Compton On Delivering Edge in New Music Video "Trippin'"

Lindsey Compton On Delivering Edge in New Music Video "Trippin'"

Lindsey Compton wants to shock you. “Trippin’,” her new music video that premiered yesterday, does just that. Before she put out her edgy music video that’s getting everyone talking today, Music & Mojitos caught up with the singer in an exclusive interview about what inspired her creative process behind the in-your-face video.

“Trippin’” gives viewers an inside look into the gritty realities of having a night out in Los Angeles. Make no mistake about it, Compton has zero regrets about the message that she sends. She owns up to her sexuality and rebellious nature, and she encourages more people to do the same.

“Writing the song was unconventional,” explains Compton. “I was with my friend Marcus Battle. I had this video concept in mind after seeing—actually, I feel kind of embarrassed that I saw this video for the first time years ago. It was the Prodigy’s ‘Smack My B*tch Up.’”

Prodigy’s controversial video sent shockwaves through the nation when it was first released in November of 1997. Depicting excess drug usage and violence, viewers were so disturbed that it was banned from MTV shortly after its release. The video would return to its unedited glory in 2002, when MTV2 aired it during their Most Controversial Videos special. The British rave group become cult icons as decades passed, and Compton couldn’t help but be drawn into her newly found dark universe.

“It was so creative. Especially at the time, in that era. I watched that video, and then watched all of [Jonas Åkerlund’s] other work. That really inspired me to do a video. I came up with a concept, and wrote the lyrics. I got in a studio space, and didn’t have production on it for another year. I sent a voice memo to a friend that produces, and he created a chapter out of it.”

A chapter “Trippin’” is.

Successfully cramming an entire story arch into less than three minutes, Compton pays tribute to the glam rock and roll lifestyle. A combination of being both playful and poignant, “Trippin’” is effective in being a unique listening and viewing experience. It’s a wild joyride for those who can’t make the trip out to LA this year.

“Being edgy is the first thing I want to explain. There is an unapologetic rawness to my video. I want to take away the perfection of pop music.”


Believe it or not, the “Trippin’” singer grew up listening to Dolly Parton. Her music taste is incredibly eclectic, to say the least. Compton honed her talent in choirs and theatre productions, on top of going through the ringer with classical vocal training. When it came to developing her vocal chords, everything had to be perfect. It’s the exact opposite of what Compton is doing now.

“You would have to do scales,” Compton tells Music & Mojitos. “I would sing in cover bands. I just got sick of the music part of it. I just wanted to do something as an artist that was edgy.”

Being put in a box isn’t on Compton’s agenda any time soon. Quite frankly, she doesn’t want to be told how to do things, and who could really blame her? Marching to the beat of her own drum, the singer lays it all out there in “Trippin’.” If you have a problem with that, Compton doesn’t want to hear about it.

This isn’t Compton’s first go-around in putting music out there. “Starstruck” is another track that Music & Mojitos believes is a certified bop. Her sound has a deep longing for Hollywood icons Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. Showing hints of Gwen Stefani and Madonna in her voice, Compton has an unlimited upside.

As for what’s next?

“I have an EP in the works. I’m continuing to write with friends, produce videos, and make cool music,” Compton concludes.

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