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What You Missed on the Classic Harbor Line's St. Patrick's Day Brunch Cruise

What You Missed on the Classic Harbor Line's St. Patrick's Day Brunch Cruise

It’s the day after St. Paddy’s Day in New York City, which means you might be waking up with a serious case of hangover regret or FOMO as you scroll through your Instagram feed. Fortunately, if you followed our handy St. Patrick’s Day Guide and booked your ticket for the Classic Harbor Line’s St. Patrick’s Day Brunch Cruise, you woke up with neither. Saint Patrick’s Day in NYC is always an event, but this lovely 2.75 hour cruise around Manhattan takes the cake as one of the most unique ways to start the day off on the best foot possible.

Classic Harbor Line St. Patrick's Day Brunch Cruise

At Music & Mojitos, we were pleasantly surprised to find that, upon arriving promptly at 9:50am for a 10am departure, there was a man playing the bagpipes at the helm of the boat to welcome us on board. It not only helped set the mood, but also helped those of us who are directionally-challenged make our way to the correct pier at Chelsea Piers.

Bagpiper and Fiddler on Manhattan II

Aboard the Manhattan II along with about 50-70 of our closest (new) friends of all ages, we set sail to circumnavigate the island of Manhattan. Our host opened the cruise by telling us that our extensive buffet menu would be served in four elaborate, delicious courses, beginning with my personal favorite course: a lox and bagel spread, a Belgian waffle station, and an assortment of pastries.

Bagel and Lox Spread

We made sure to fill up on our favorites - the cinnamon waffles topped with whipped cream and fresh berries and the Irish soda bread were particularly delicious - before hunkering down at our table to take in the views.

Pastry Spread at St. Patrick's Day Brunch

The best views of the city can be found within the first 30 minutes on board, as you take in the beautiful view of Downtown Manhattan from the unique vantage point of the Hudson River. To the entire ship’s delight, the yacht passes straight in front of Lady Liberty herself. We sipped on our complimentary champagne-heavy mimosa and admired the scenery before snapping a few pictures ourselves.


The entire boat was festive yet relaxing. A skilled musician played the fiddle off and on throughout the entire cruise, and to our delight, sparked an impromptu Irish jig dancing session with a skilled attendee and all of the children who invariably flocked to her side to participate. The whole boat was clapping along to the music in one of those rare NYC moments of unity and inclusion among strangers.

As the boat continued to circle around Lower Manhattan and up the East River towards the Bronx, we were served our subsequent courses, which included Irish cheddar and spinach quiches, sausages and corned beef hash (Course 2); and honey-roasted ham with roasted red peppers, potatoes, and onions (Course 3). We did not heed our host’s advice to take it easy on the first course, but we managed to find room for all of the other delicious goodies anyway.

As the boat made it’s turn back down the Hudson to return to Pier 62, we knew we couldn’t leave without trying one of the ship’s specialty brunch cocktails. We saw several people coming back to their table holding cups of Irish coffee topped with whipped cream (a personal weakness), so we followed suit and ordered a couple for ourselves. They were the perfect accompaniment to warm us up as we stood outside on the deck to take in the fresh air and admire the view.

View of Lower Manhattan

Before wrapping up the brunch cruise, the crew brought us out the cutest little St. Patrick’s Day desserts you ever did see: miniature emerald-green cupcakes, fresh fruit, and shamrock cookies!

Cheers to New Friends

We had more than our fair share before we docked the boat, said goodbye and thank you to the wonderful crew, talented fiddler, and our new friends and table companions.

We couldn’t think of a more idyllic way to begin St. Patrick’s Day!

Festive Green Top Hat

Practical Information:

  • A 2.75 hour St. Patrick’s Day Brunch Cruise from 10am-12:45pm.

  • Cruise departs from/returns to Pier 62 in Chelsea Piers, at West 22nd Street and 12th Avenue in Manhattan.

  • Price is $108/person and includes brunch buffet and ONE complimentary brunch cocktail (Bloody Mary, Mimosa, etc.) OR Coffee/Tea.

  • Purchase tickets for this and other themed/regular cruises at the Classic Harbor Line website.


  • Arrive PROMPTLY and no later than 9:50am; the boat boards at 9:55am and departs at 10am sharp, latecomers be warned!

  • Bring some extra cash to tip the well-deserving crew for their hard work; gratuities are not included.

  • If you don’t want to pay extra for your coffee, we recommend caffeinating beforehand so you can use your free drink on one of Classic Harbor Line’s delicious cocktails.

  • If you have some extra time at the end of your cruise, we highly recommend a scenic stroll along the glorious Hudson River Park as you make your way on to the rest of your day.

Don’t just limit yourself to St. Patrick’s Day - the Classic Harbor Line offers many special occasion cruises throughout the year, including events for Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, and even a Cocoa and Carols Holiday Cruise!

Have you ever been on a cruise around Manhattan? How did you spend your St. Patrick’s Day? Let us know in the comments!

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