Come have a drink with us.

We’re Lauren and Kyle, the founders of Music & Mojitos. We met in New York City one hot summer ago and fell in love under the neon sky at Electric Zoo. In addition to sharing a passion for music and mojitos (and our chihuahua, Charlie), we also aspire to view the world through a lens of honesty and optimism, focusing on our collective humanity and what brings us together - not what tears us apart. We aspire to be your go-to source for high-quality entertainment journalism on a wide range of topics, and always with an emphasis on empathy and positivity.

We hope this outlet inspires you to explore new places, listen to new music, try new food and drink, explore emerging and established artists, and above all - celebrate the joy, kindness, and empathy that music so often brings about. Feel free to leave a comment or follow us on social media!